Call Me When You Get This: A Poetry Book on Mental Health, Trauma and Working Through Recovery


  • Signed by Brianna
  • UV Gloss Ink Cover
  • Includes matching bookmark


Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery in the US.

In her poetry debut, Brianna Reed chronicles her poignant journey through mental health struggles and the palpable relief of healing and recovery as a teenager. Call Me When You Get This is a compelling compilation of introspective musings, dawning epiphanies, and observations through the lens of the author’s improving mental health, which, in turn, compels the reader to persevere through their own struggles. Find solace in the flowing articulation and intimate expressions of the mind in this mental health poetry collection.

  • Call Me When You Get This encapsulates the inner workings of the teenage author’s psyche as she works through the raw emotions and wounds that were left by her troubled mind.
  • Written to empower those who are going through their own mental health journey or those who have traveled the well-worn path of recovery and yearn to know that they’re not alone.